What would happen if the world's biggest                         chocolate lover, history buff, and chef                                              wrote a cookbook? 

                    You get the most decadent vintage                                     chocolate recipes from the most influential                     chefs ---think Rachael Ray, Paula Deen,                                  and Giada--- of the late 1800's!

Dear Fellow Chocolate Lover:

I am a chocoholic. I love chocolate very very very much. Put any kind of chocolate in front of me and I simply cannot resist. If you feel the same way and simply cannot get enough of that rich, chocolaty goodness then boy have I got a treat for you!

I'm not all about chocolate though. I also love history and this self-proclaimed foodie also enjoy cooking. So, I combined my love for chocolate with my love for history and cooking.  And that’s when I decided to gather all my favorite vintage chocolate recipes and organize them in one book. It took me a while to get them all organized just right, but when I was done I was simply amazed.

“I couldn’t wait to step into my kitchen and whip up something rich and decadent!”

To say that I had fun with my newly organized chocolate recipes would be an understatement. Suddenly, it was so much easier to go through the ONE place containing all the vintage recipes, photos, and historical references of the top chefs from the era. No more having to search the internet for important facts about the vintage cooking utinsils that were used in the late 1800's. I had a visual image of them right in front of me.  And the fun facts about how the milkshake began, or the frosting, and the first cupcake.... It was all right there in one place, how divine :)

“It was like heaven!”

My family and friends were mildly amazed. Of course, they had all known what a chocolate addict I was for a long time. Most of them still tease me about it relentlessly.  At first, they thought it was funny that I had gone to so much trouble to organize all of my favorite vintage chocolate recipes, vintage photos with photos of old-fashioned kitchen tools. But when  they tasted my homemade chocolate cake dripping with chocolate sauce while I told them about some of the amazing history behind the women chefs -- who were so famous they were sought after by large companies to advertise products in their cookbook.. But everything was scattered in a scrapbook. That is, until I realized how handy it was to have everything in one central place. Then they began to ask for copies of my recipe collection.

“That’s when I realized I was onto something...I had found the 1800's version of modern day chefs like Rachael Ray, Paula Deen, & Giada...”

Why not offer my vintage collection of chocolate recipe, photos, and historical details to others and make their life a little easier too? And while I was at it why not share my extensive knowledge about chocolate, and the history of the beautiful women who paved the way for the modern day chefs enjoyed by millions of us everyday...and how it came to be such a delicious and decadent treat in the first place?

If you want to learn how to enjoy the rich, velvety taste of chocolate even more than ever, or if you love to create decadent vintage chocolate creations to share with friends and family, or if you want to learn more about how chocolate can actually be healthy for you, then this cookbook is for you.

Introducing ...

While most cookbooks on the subject of cooking with chocolate claim to be the ultimate resource on the subject, they actually make it much harder to create chocolate desserts than it actually needs to be. I mean, most of our modern day recipes were created way back when they didn't have the tools we have today. 

Must Have Chocolate Recipes not only show you how to recreate a delicious chocolate cake, cookie and pie recipes but it also teaches you the secrets behind making scrumptious chocolate home made candy recipes. Written in an easy to understand style, with no difficult or complicated instructions;

Must Have Chocolate Recipes is truly a labor of love as it brings together the three things I love --- history, cooking and chocolate, of course! It provides a wide variety of mouth watering recipes that are very simple to do-even if you’re a beginner.

Take a look at this sneak peak at what you’ll discover inside

• Looking for a sophisticated dessert for that speciall occasion? You’ll be sure to find it here.

• Easy recipes to create chocolate caramels, chocolate eclairs and chocolate jelly --easy to create.

•  Did I forget to mention all the beautiful photos of the 1800's version of modern day chef Rachel Ray, Giada, and Paula Deen.  I included some of the vintage Ads, and historical facts about chocolate presented in a fun, friendly "Did you know?" format. 

•  How much is a gill, a pony or a scant? These are a few of the old cooking meaurements of the day! You can also see the most widely recommened kitchen tools in the era.

• Learn why chocolate is actually healthy for you! Dispel all of those old myths when you learn the secrets behind the reason why chocolate can actually help to aid digestion!

• The secret to making exceptional hot fudge sauce.

• And much, much more!

As you can see there’s much to learn ---with a ton of delicious, mouth watering and exciting information about chocolate. I'm telling you, this ebook is jam packed with everything you need to know to create chocolate desserts  suitable for any occasion.

Whether you’re just starting out or you are an experienced cook, the recipes in Must Have Chocolate are perfect!
You get everything you need to satisfy your love for chocolate and a little bit of history in Must Have Chocolate. Just take a look at the recipes inside...

Chocolate Bavarian Cream, Cinderella Cakes, Chocolate Profiteroles, Chocolate Nougat , Genesee Bonbons, Chocolate Cream Candy, Chocolate Macaroons, Chocolate Hearts. Petits Four, Fondant, Chocolate Molasses...

And there’s even more!!!

Order right now and you can be satisfying your love for chocolate in less than five minutes!

Because Must Have Chocolate: Decadent Chocolate Recipes is in Adobe PDF format, you can download it instantly on your computer. Read, it print it out, both…whichever works best for you. In no time at all you can start creating deliciously decadent chocolate treats.

Okay, I’m sold, but what’s this incredible resource going to cost me?

When I first began to think about putting my chocolate recipes on the market, my first thought was to simply print it in a booklet format that I could drop in the mail. I realized; however, that method would seriously limit the number of people that I would be able to share this incredible resource with.

In addition, I would have to charge quite a bit to cover the printing costs. That’s not something I wanted to do. I wanted everyone to be able to enjoy my recipe collection for a reasonable price.

So, I decided to offer my incredible collection of chocolate recipes and facts in the form of an e-book. This would allow me to make it more widely available and I could also offer it for a lower price. So, you can now take advantage of Must Have Chocolate: Decadent Chocolate Recipes for only $19.97.

I am so confident that you will love this cookbook that I am offering my ironclad 

100% Money Back Guarantee

Please send me Must Have Chocolate
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I understand my purchase is completely protected by a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee. I have 60 days to test drive the techniques and strategies presented in Must Have Chocolate: Decadent Vintage Chocolate Recipes and if I am not completely convinced that it is hands-down the best chocolate cookbook on the market, then I am entitled to a 100% refund of my purchase price.



P.S. You’ll be amazed at how simple and easy it is to learn to make Must Have Chocolate: Decadent Vintage Chocolate Recipes. You won’t need to struggle through learning the secrets of successful chocolate recipes and homemade candy ever again when you take advantage of these amazing techniques. 

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